Welcome to “the slow life”, a page dedicated at sharing our attempt to redefine priorities and to make this life meaningful.

The aim is to provide you with a simple, yet honest insight into our  struggle to handle time poverty and to cherish life. To take decisions that are responsible and to gain satisfaction in renouncing things. To stop consuming mindlessly and to instead appreciate up to the small things that we used to take for granted. To find a balance between our wish to live life to the fullest on the one hand, and our aim to keep things as simple as possible on the other hand.

You may very quickly realize that much of this involves a growing passion for sailing which led us to our decision to invest in a sailing boat of our own. We agree – buying a sailing boat does not seem to be an appropriate first step towards renunciation ­čśÇ

But we do highly believe that this boat will be one of the main keys to a new life, it will help us slow down and broaden our horizons.

And not to forget our VW T2 Campervan from 1975, which has already taken us a great many places since 2009. Living the vanlife from time to time is absolutely rewarding, because, well, that is simple living at its best!